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The Brain Fitness Gym began working with residents of senior living communities throughout the St. Louis area in 2006.  From the beginning, it has been their passion to empower seniors to live a Brain Healthy Life-Style in order to retain independence, dignity and purpose for as long as possible. 

Over time,The Brain Fitness Gym's work with seniors helped develop the framework for
The Fundamentals of Brain Fitness
and established them as the leaders in teaching and coaching these fundamentals.  The fundamentals are rooted in the fact that the scientific community has proven that the brain has plasticity throughout a person’s entire lifetime.  Plasticity being the brain’s ability to generate new neurons and connections as the result of engaging in certain actions.

Original efforts by The Brain Fitness Gym centered on Cognitive Fitness Coaches working with residents of senior living communities through group & individual coaching sessions.  Within a short period of time, residents began asking what they could do between sessions to work on their brain fitness.  From this question, the Self-Coach Brain Fitness Exercise Package was developed.  Clients coast-to-coast, in both the U.S. and Canada, have since been helped by this package.

The Brain Fitness Gym does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  However, their services are intended to help anyone who is looking to do what they can to promote brain fitness for themselves or a loved one.  It should be noted that many of these people are not seniors, but people of all ages dealing with a variety of cognitive issues. 

With Baby Boomers getting on in years and a rise in the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s, more and more people are looking to start as early as possible to do what they can to prevent or address age-related cognitive decline.  It is The Brain Fitness Gym's sincere desire to be a valued resource to people for the long haul - committed to helping them Age Well by practicing The Fundamentals of Brain Fitness that make up a Brain Healthy Life-Style.

While the benefits of practicing The Fundamentals of Brain Fitness have a serious side that is practical, along the way The Brain Fitness Gym wants the experience to be enjoyable and fun. After working with a Cognitive Fitness Coach on a give day, we want clients to go to bed with the thought in their head that this was a good day!"

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