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On an ongoing basis, The Brain Fitness Gym offers individuals a free evaluation and memory screening session. 

Offered in conjunction with AFA (Alzheimer’s Foundation of America), a screening can test your memory and other cognitive functions.  Early recognition of cognitive issues provides an opportunity for you to address any age related cognitive decline that may be detected.  For people who receive a normal screening score, it can establish a valuable baseline and provide information on how to keep your brain healthy as you age well.

Who Should Consider Participating in an Evaluation & Screening?

Any one who is:

  • becoming more forgetful.
  • having trouble concentrating.
  • Having difficulty performing familiar tasks.
  • Having trouble recalling words or names in conversation.
  • Sometimes forgets where they are.
  • Misplacing things more and more.
  • Is experiencing changes in mood, behavior, personality, or desire to do things.

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