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The Brain Fitness Gym’s Cognitive Fitness Coaches provide individual clients with evaluations and fitness plans that are designed to help you stay sharp. 

While working with you, our Coaches will:
EDUCATE you on how practicing The Fundamentals Of Brain Fitness can help keep your brain fit.
EXERCISE your cognitive skills in ways that are novel, have variety and present constant challenge.
FACILITATE consistently practicing of The Fundamentals Of Brain Fitness.
MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE & STIMULATE you to live a Brain Healthy Life-Style.

Think of it as having a personal trainer in an exercise room for the brain!  

The Brain Fitness Gym can also provide individuals with an optional self-coached brain fitness exercise package.  This is done through a home-use package that is intended for anyone who wants to do all they can to keep their brain fit as they age.  The service is intended to give self motivate individuals with their own computer the tools to practice The Fundamentals Of Brain Fitness on their own or with a loved one.

We invite you to fill out the form shown below and click "Send Email" to learn more about how we can serve you or a loved one.


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