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The brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised.  Just as it is true for children, it is especially true for adults as they age. The Brain Fitness Gym’s Cognitive Fitness Coaches focus on working with you to exercise 14 cognitive functions and skills critical to everyday life. Our coaches are committed to helping you address or hold off age-related functional decline such as dementia.

The 14 cognitive functions and skills our coaches assess and train are:
1. Working Memory: A temporary storage place for information that is needed to perform a task.
2. Short Term Memory: A temporary storage place for information before deciding what to store in the long term memory.
3. Shifting: Flexibility; the ability to change the course of one’s actions.
4. Time Estimation: The ability to accurately determine time passage.
5. Response Time: How long it takes to detect, analyze and respond to a stimulus.
6. Naming: The retrieval of words (names, nouns, and verbs).
7. Divided Attention: The ability to concentrate simultaneously on two or more channels of stimulation.
8. Inhibition: The ability to suppress irrelevant reactions.
9. Awareness: The ability to evaluate one’s own cognitive functioning.
10. Spatial Perception: The ability to evaluate how things are arranged in space.
11. Eye Hand Coordination: The ability to manage accurately hand movements in response to visual stimulus.
12. Planning: The ability to think ahead step-by-step before the actual execution of a task.
13. Scanning: The ability to visually screen the environment.
14. Visual Perception: The ability to translate what is seen into a meaningful concept.

Three Distinct Groups Are The Focal Point Of Our Actions:


The Brain Fitness Gym’s Cognitive Fitness Coaches provide individual clients with evaluations and fitness plans that are designed to help you stay sharp.  While working with you, our Coaches will:

  1. EDUCATE you on how practicing The Fundamentals Of Brain Fitness can help keep your brain fit.

  2. EXERCISE your cognitive skills in ways that are Novel, have Variety and present Constant Challenge.

  3. FACILITATE consistently practicing of The Fundamentals Of Brain Fitness.

  4. MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE & STIMULATE you to live a Brain Healthy Life-Style

Think of it as having a personal trainer in an exercise room for the brain!  


The Brain Fitness Gym began with a single focus of serving Senior Living Communities who strive to help residents address age-related cognitive decline.  To this day, it continues to be an important part of our service mission.  The Fundamentals Of Brain Fitness are provided to Senior Living Communities through a group setting.  As many residents residing in a senior living community suffer from dementia, our cognitive fitness coaches are experts at designing and providing programs to reach varying levels of cognitive function.  Coaches provide group activities that are intended to be Failure Free and Fun to do.  They strive to help residents exercise the cognitive skills needed to maintain an active & healthy life-style for as long as possible.

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The Brain Fitness Gym is available as a resource to professional organizations and individuals who are interested in providing The Fundamentals Of Brain Fitness to their clients.  This is currently done through a referral program which is designed for professionals who do not provide such services themselves, but are looking for a referral source for clients.  The Brain Fitness Gym is also working on a licensing program that will provide professional organizations with training on Cognitive Fitness Coaching and the right to use The Brain Fitness Gym’s name, teaching and coaching programs. 

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